littleredkitten (littleredkitten) wrote in punx4christ,

all things new

new coffee bar, new name, new webpage... my goodness!
first things first-
Souled Out is now the Nite Light Cafe, and you can find us on the web at and beware, there are a few scary pictures of myself and my man at cornerstone. just look for short red hair and a pink mohawk.
i must make a very exciting announcement about a few upcoming shows!
friday the 15th brings Flatfoot 56 back to our venue! if you're into punk and within driving distance of Chicago, i suggest you show up friday, and show up EARLY to ensure that you get in. also playing that night: Dublin Brigade, the Remnants, the Riot, and Fight to Die. [7009 W. Ogden, Bewyn. show starts at 6, $6 cover]
August brings HEADNOISE. more updates on that in the future.
any way, i hope to see a few of you on friday.
take care and God bless!
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