littleredkitten (littleredkitten) wrote in punx4christ,

wow, it's been a while.

so my last update here was about the Headnoise show at the Nite Light. it was great folks- really intimate, great music, got to spend some time with my buddies from the Riot... all in all a very memorable show for Headnoise's last in Chicago. it's hard for me to believe that they won't be around as a band anymore. they've been a cornerstone staple for me since the first year i went. strange that i won't get to see them as Headnoise next year. i'm happy for them, they've all got families that they want to spend time with and individal projects they want to persue. i'm glad i've got cds, though. not quite the same, but there's nothing like screaming along with Edie to Antibodies on the open road. but, i digress.
i was originally going to tell you all what i've been up to, and to ask for some prayers. my boyfriend Bob and i got engaged about a month and a half ago. we decided to leave our internship at the Nite Light because we needed to save some money for our married life, which God willing will begin on January 14, 2006. so, we've come to live with my parents in Bloomington Normal, Il [ or, rather, just outside of]. we've been looking for jobs, and have had a bit of success through a temp agancy. if you would remember us in your prayers, for courage to face things we're unsure of, for jobs we'll be happy at, for people to fellowship with and people to witness to, for peace of mind about the upcoming trials, we would very much appriciate it. please tell me if there's anything we can pray about for you.
in the meantime, take care and God bless!
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