littleredkitten (littleredkitten) wrote in punx4christ,

ooo, good debate, Raye. i gotta sound off on this one.

in order to discuss Christianity and anarchy, one has to have background in both. good thing i do.
Matt, my dear brother, i love you but i disagree with you. i feel that anarchy and Christianity go hand in hand. you see, true anarchists know that anarchy isn't about bringing an end, but about a new beginning. i'm not saying that anarchy would ever work in real life- let's face it, shall we... humans suck too much and would ruin it. however, that said and understood- the only way anarchy would work, and the way it was first concieved, is that in a lawless society the only way to avoid mass pandimonium would be if people respected each other enough to not harm another, or another's rights. so, Tony's concept of Godarchy is simply anarchy based on Jesus' teachings. now, most sane human beings would agree that some of the ten commandments are aplicable whether you follow God or not. [ie- don't kill, don't take what isn't yours] therefore, if a society agrees that killing isn't cool, and people shouldn't steal, all they would really need are those ideas in their collective concious. it would bleed over into other areas of their life. say america was no longer a democracy, but governed by entropy [the force ruling over the concept of anarchy]. i decide to drive from my house twenty-five miles to get to bloomington. now, i can drive one hundred twenty miles an hour, the fastest my little red escort can go, and be in bloomington in a matter of minutes. but in doing so, i could be risking other's lives. whoops, concience alert! i can't kill, that's wrong. guess i'll just go sixty miles an hour, and enjoy the drive with some good ol' Devotchkas.

so, c'mon people... let's hear a few more opinions on this topic! Raye, i'd like to hear your view since you've brought this all up.

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