ROUGHER! TOUGHER! BADDER! (rayefrenzy) wrote in punx4christ,

i like these...

catholics: brothers/sisters in Christ? or too warped of a doctrine to be considered?


disclaimer!: this isn't intended to hurt any catholics in the community ♥
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It depends on the location of the Catholics. For example, some variations of catholics in Mexico set out to destroy all other versions of Christianity. the catholics are persecuting the gentiles. But you also have to think about the background of these so-called Christians. They are surrounded by a world that could be very well controlled by communism, whether or not they claim it. Catholics versus gentile Christians warfare happens all around the globe, inlcuding places like Ireland, etc. God says to love. Jesus states that to love is more important than the others...with that said, those persecuting Catholics are not brothers and sisters in Christ for that are not exemplifing the principle of love. Feel free to disagree. Add to or change my mind.
being in the communiust atmoshere isn't necessarily thier problem. could it be considered a cultrual problem and not necessarily thier own spiritual problem?

i think that with each catholic it is different. its a matter of heart, and I'm not God so i can't judge them. i just wanna see what others think.
good cant judge group by the actions of a few.
i mean, i personally have a big problem with most of thier doctrine, especially things like womyn cant be on birthcontrol, but i wouldnt let those differences come between them being in the family of God

it'd be as if i said Baptists aren't brothers/sisters in Christ because they don't speak in tongues. it's just not nice.
Many Christians--not just Catholics--don't condone the use of contraceptives.